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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Making music with Jembe drums

TY's had percussion workshops with David Day from Jabba Jabba Jembe this week. Here is one of the rhythms class Tabei made - and this was only after an hour of instruction!

Well done TY.


More videos to follow of class Tereshkova and class Cornaro.

If you would like to book David for a workshop, find him at http://www.jabbajabbajembe.com/ 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Edublog Awards shortlist!

Well three of St Wolstan's TY blogs were shortlisted for the Edublog Awards this year. Eilís was shortlisted for the Best Student blog, Rebecca was shortlisted for Best New blog and Radio TY was shortlisted for Best Podcast blog.

Here are the links to the places to vote for them.

See full list on Listly

See full list on Listly

See full list on Listly

There are other Irish schools shortlisted as well:

See full list on Listly

See full list on Listly
And of course many irish teachers too. Good luck to everyone.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Edublog Awards 2013

We think we will participate in the Edublog Awards again this year. How this works is that we have to write a post with our nominations, link to the nominations and then link to the Edublog Awards website. We then send a link to this post here to the Edublog folks and that's it!

So here goes:

We would like to nominate Radio TY for the Best educational use of podcasts and for Best group blog because the St Wolstan's TY Media Team manage the blog. Here is their Audioboo

We'd also like to nominate the following blogs for:

Best new blog because they have all just been blogging since September 2013, Lauren's Transition Year , Jessica's Transitioning in 3...2...1!
Rebecca's TY experience,
and Eilís' TY Blog

Best student blog award because they are all students,  Lauren's Transition Year , Jessica's Transitioning in 3...2...1!
Rebecca's TY experience,
and Eilís' TY Blog

Best individual blog because they all keep their own blog -  Lauren's Transition Year , Jessica's Transitioning in 3...2...1!
Rebecca's TY experience,
and Eilís' TY Blog

#edchatie as the Best twitter hashtag.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Having a Blast!!

When someone tells you that TY is a doss year you can tell them that they are wrong! Since we've come back from the midterm TY's have been kept very busy, with talks, trips, projects, work experience, and much more.

A few of the girls went to Naas General Hospital to attend talks that were given by the doctors and nurses there. Katie wrote a blog post about the talks she went to, click here to see it.

Many of the girls have been busy with Radio TY interviewing people about the things we are doing in TY like Mini Company and Junk Kouture, as well as things happening around the school such as the Open Day.
Some of the TY's were helping out at the open day, Caoimhe was helping in the music room while Rowen was in charge of the sports displays.

Most of our Mini Company groups now have their businesses up and running, selling their products. Click here to find out about Laura's Mini Company group Candy Blossom.

We have been on a few trips this week and had a little bit too much McDonalds and Starbucks. We went to a talk in Tallaght IT for Science Week, see what Sorcha and Rebecca thought of the talk. We also went into town for a W.B Yeats themed trip, which we all enjoyed. Aoife and Laura wrote about the trip.

We have also started doing Zumba during our PE classes and it is great to see everyone dancing, click here to find out what Karen thinks.

A lot of TY's have decided to get involved with our school Musical Calamity Jane and have been busy with the acting, singing, dancing, production team, etc.

Here are some pictures:

Bog Bodies

National Art Gallery
Open Day

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Schools Across Borders

Two weeks ago, we had a talk with Darren Irvine, the founder of "Schools Across Borders" about the work he does with students in areas of conflict. Darren has worked with students all over the world. He helps young people to connect with their peers, both locally and internationally,to help work for a more just, equal and peaceful world. 

We are taking part in a project they are running called 
Global Citizens Network 2013-2014. This is a network of schools in Ireland and it also includes other schools around the world. There are two main stages to this program the Research Stage and the Campaign Stage.  We will be learning from each other and discussing different key themes in the world. 

Our class has started the Research Stage. During this each school group shall research, reflect and debate key local-global themes. We have been coming up with a theme that we will be researching. First of all we put our ideas forward and we wrote the top 7 ideas on sheets of paper. We got into groups and went around the classroom writing down what we know and what we would like to know about each theme. In the end everyone agreed with the overarching question that we came up. It is: "Is the world child friendly?".

We will be getting into groups and researching the life of children all over the world from different points of view like education, gender, conflict, etc.. In the end we will answer the question from all these aspects of a child's life, discovering where in our world is the most child friendly. 
 When we have finished this we plan on developing a “mini-NGO” type campaign.

You can find out more at http://www.schoolsacrossborders.org/

Monday, October 14, 2013

Laura uses picmonkey.com

Laura has written a short tutorial post on how to create a picture montage using PicMonkey.

Here are her instructions:

First of all open up a search engine e.g google chrome and search 

On the top centre of the page there should be a button that says create a collage. When you hover the mouse over it, it should say click to start or drag images here click on it. 
 (It should look like the above images)

Click the Read More below........

Friendship Week fun!

Rowen has been blogging about our Fun Walk last Friday. Here's what she writes.....

Well on Friday was the Fun Walk. Its one of the major events in the school. Each year is given a color and each base class has o think of a song and put a dance to it to preform on front of the school and judges.

                                      1st year- Pink
                                      2nd year- Purple
                                      3rd year- Green
                                      TY- Yellow
                                      5th year- Blue
                                      6th year- Black and White

Click the Read More below.......

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Road Safety Week

The RTY team interviewed Pat Mc Neeley of Bayside Services when he came to the school today to deliver the Drive 4 Life road safety workshop. The workshop was sponsored by Kildare Road Safety officer Declan Keogh, who also came into the school to visit TY.

We are only experimenting with podcasting at the moment so bear with us. We have some help to improve our podcasts coming soon though!

Listen to their short interview below.

Check out Kildare Road safety on Facebook

Work experience has Ailbhe in stitches!

Ailbhe and Laura tell us about what they did on their first Wednesday of work experience.

A trip to St Enda's Park

Sarah Louise and Aoife give a quick report on last week's trip to St Enda's Park. We recorded this with very little preparation - it did take 7 attempts to get it right though!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Preparations and podcasts.

We tried out a quick podcast today while class Tabei practised for the Fun Walk on Friday. The Fun Walk ends our Friendship Week in school. The whole school goes on a short colourful walk.

Here is the original 'Jump on It' from the Fresh Prince of Belair

And here's Carlton singing the Tom Jones classic 'It's not Unusual'

And the Taxi cab song here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Banish Viscious Circles with a Positive Party

Anna has written about her Positive Party experience last week. Sounds like TY had a great day learning how to get through the stresses of TY! Why not pop by Anna's blog later in the year to see what else TY has in store?

The Viscous Circle

"Put your thinking in, put your thinking out, in, out, in, out and
 shake it all about. Do the hockey pokey and you turn around, 
and that's what its all about. Ooooooooh, the viscous circle, 
ooooooooh the viscous circle, ooooooh the viscous circle, and 
that's what it's all about!"

Positive Parties

Of course, anyone who wasn't at our Positive Party on Wednesday
would think I'm an absolute lunatic right now (and I apologize if this
applies to you) but any of the girls who were there will know exactly
what I'm on about!

The Positive Party is exactly what it sounds like - we wore hula necklaces,
ate sweets, sang and just had a really positive day. We talked about our
happiest memories and learned how to channel those memories when
we're feeling upset.

I'm pretty sure this sums up how everyone felt at the party!

It was so much fun - we made so many great memories and we really
had a genuinely good time; everyone came out with big smiles on their
faces, in a brilliant mood!

After the Positive Party, a speaker talked to us about confidence, 
different personality types, and how to go after our dreams. It may 
not have been as exciting and fun as the party, but he gave us some 
good tips and I came out of the room feeling a little more confident.

After lunch we learned how to give massages - my partner was 
Laura and oh my god, if you ever need a massage she is definitely 
the person to go to! I felt so relaxed afterwards, she is the best. It 
was a great experience to learn how to do that, I'm really glad I got
the opportunity!

All in all, Wednesday was a brilliant day and I cant wait for the next

Climbing Mountains and Wearing Trash.

Here is Lauren's first blog post about her first day in TY. Visit her blog and see how she documents her year.

Climbing Mountains and Wearing Trash.

We went in on the first day, not really knowing where to go. Everyone else had settled in already as TY's are the last to go back after summer. We had an assembly and I waited nervously to find out who was in my class and thankfully, I am really happy with my class group, Tabei. It also helped that it was the slightly easier class to pronounce... I still don't think I'm pronouncing Tereshkova right. Our classes were named after famous women who have made great accomplishments, for example, Junko Tabei is 
a Japanese mountain climber who became the
first woman to climb Mount Everest in 1975.

Once the classes were sorted, it was like we had never left!
We then went to TY design and have started planning our Junk 
Kouture project which I am really excited about. For those of you 
who haven't heard of junk Kouture before, its a competition where 

TY's create an item of clothing made completely of recycled materials, 
including at least one recycled electrical item. I'm finding it really 
fun coming up with ideas for it because nothing is too outrageous
for this competition, so it should be interesting to see what we come 
up with. Watch this space!

What's coming up? Well, tomorrow we have a workshop, which I will 
tell you about soon. In a few weeks, I will be starting work experience
in a chemistry department  which I am really looking forward to 
because I find chemistry really interesting. I shall keep you posted. 
In the near future, I have double P.E. now, which will be great fun. 

I look forward to continuing my blog and making it better and better,
so stay tuned.

Here is Lauren's first blog post about her first day in TY. Visit
her blog and see how she documents her year.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Plans for 2013/2014

Only a short time until we are back to school and I thought I'd post an update of September plans just incase any TY 2013/2014 might be popping by.

TY's return to school on Thursday 29th August. Work experience is on each Wednesday this year again but it will not start until Wednesday 2nd October. In September they will have workshops on each Wednesday to prepare for work experience.

They will have 3 workshops on September 4th - Personal Development, Positivity, and Massage.
September 11th is Junior Cert results day.
Another 3 workshops on September 18th - Stress Management, Etiquette, and Building rapport.
Three more workshops on September 25th - Dressing for work experience, Assertiveness, and a work experience workshop from Mr Corcoran and Ms Hughes.

Mini Company, Young Scientist, F1 in Schools, and lots of other projects will be started but probably the most anticipated trip will be our bonding trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre on 16th and 17th September. We will leave the school at 7am on the Monday and return by 7pm on the Tuesday - exhausted but happy.

I think September will be a busy month!
Mrs L :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

TY vs Bastille

This was TY 2012/2013's closing song on TY Night. All three classes learnt the song, moves, and harmonies in separate Music classes. They only had one day to sing it together before they performed it at TY Night. I think they did a great job.